What is the KP Research Bank?

The Kaiser Permanente Research Bank (KPRB) is a biobank containing de-identified medical record information, demographic and health behavior information, and biospecimens. KP members are recruited in person and online.  Biobanking data is available to Internal KP researchers across the different regions as well as external researchers who are partnered with KP researchers.

What Data Does the KP Research Bank Include?

1.  Information from a health survey

(medical and family history, environment and work-related exposure, sleep & exercise, vitamins/supplements, common medications, diet, emotional health and support, urinary and reproductive health, demographics and other factors).

2.  Blood, saliva, serum, plasma, DNA, buffy coat, telomere measurements, genotyping on a subset of samples

3.  De-identified medical record information

4.  KP Research Bank COVID-19 Surveys:

These are a series of surveys sent to KPRB participants to obtain information on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on physical and mental health, behaviors, and financial status.

5.  COVID-19 Contextual Variables Sheet:

All KP regions collect prospective data on regional responses to the COVID-19 pandemic (stay at home orders, business/school closures and re-openings, travel restrictions, etc.).



 How to use KPRB data?

  1. Review the “For Researchers” area of the KP Research Bank Website: https://researchbank.kaiserpermanente.org/our-research/for-researchers/
  2. Contact Access Administrator Inga Wagar for more information at Inga.N.Wagar@kp.org
  3. Submit pre-application to be matched with KP collaborator as needed
  4. Submit application by 2/15, 4/15, 6/15, 8/15, 10/15, 12/15 every year


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