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MAPRI conducts research projects for the Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group (MAPMG) and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan (KFHP). It also carries out research projects initiated by scientists working within MAPRI and research in collaboration with scientists who are affiliated with other institutions. Our collaboration exists with various local institutions, including Johns Hopkins and Georgetown Universities, as well as other organizations across the U.S., including other Kaiser Permanente research units and the Health Care Systems Research Network (HCSRN), Cancer Research Network (CRN), and the FDA Mini-Sentinel Initiative. MAPRI has a wide range of research interests that include but not limited to:

  • Disease-specific research in infectious diseases (including HIV/AIDS and hepatitis)
  • Economic impact of healthcare
  • Epidemiology
  • Health disparities
  • Health information technology
  • Oncology
  • Clinical trials

Wide varieties of MAPMG clinicians are clinician researchers and they are available for collaboration and coordination through MAPRI. If you are interested in collaborating with the Mid-Atlantic Permanente Research Institute, please contact us at:

Mid-Atlantic Permanente Research Institute
2101 East Jefferson Street, 3 West
Rockville, MD 20852

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