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The Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States / Johns Hopkins Medicine Research Collaboration Program is currently accepting applications through Wednesday, December 6, 2023. Please read Program Overview and Program Application documents before beginning. Email with any questions you may have.

As part of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Institute for Clinical and Translation Research, the Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States/Johns Hopkins Medicine Research Collaboration Program supports collaborative epidemiologic, health services, and related clinical research to be conducted jointly by Kaiser Permanente and Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers in alignment with both organizations’ strategic priorities.

The KPMAS/JHM Research Collaboration Program is guided by the Research Collaboration Committee, comprised of key leaders from Johns Hopkins Medicine ICTR and the Mid-Atlantic Permanente Research Institute.

The program seeks to fund 12-month research projects that highlight the effective synergy of the KPMAS/JHM collaboration in tackling the complex and intriguing questions vexing both health systems. Projects should be for initial research that leverages the unique capabilities of KP and JHM as learning health systems

Funded projects will be managed by two co-Principal Investigators; one from KP and one from JHM. If an investigator has an idea for a project but does not know a potential research collaborator from either JHM or KP,  the leaders at MAPRI and JHM will endeavor to make introductions on their behalf. For more information, contact (KPMAS) or (JHM).

For a full program description, including funding priorities, please download Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States/Johns Hopkins Medicine Research Collaboration Program Overview.

Recently Funded Projects


Title: Variability in Genetic Counseling for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer
Investigators: Cabell Jonas, PhD (KP); Juli Bollinger, MS (JHM)

Title: Trends in Cannabis Use among Women with Chronic Pelvic Pain
Investigators: Kristina Phillips, PhD (KP); Jenell Coleman, MD, MPH (JHM)

Title: A Pilot Study to Examine the Availability and Characteristics of Social Needs and Social Determinants of Health Data in the EHR: A Path to Social Data Harmonization and Standardization at JHM and KP
Investigators: Doug Roblin, PhD (KP); Elham Hatef, MD, MPH (JHM)

Title: Disparities in the Treatment of Fuchs’ Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy: A Pilot Study
Investigators: Meraf Wolle, MD (KP); Divya Srikumaran, MD (JHM)


Title: Development of a Pulmonary Embolism Research Database from Electronic Health Record Data
Investigators: Doug Roblin, PhD (KP); Michael Ellenbogen, MD (JHM)

Title: Creating Better Systems to Care for Adolescents at Risk of Suicide
Investigators: Julie Richards, PhD, MPH (KP); Emily Haroz, PhD (JHM)

Title: Frailty, Multiple Comorbidities and Gastric Cancer Surgical Outcomes
Investigators: Monica Ter-Minassian, ScD (KP); Fabian Johnston, MD (JHM)

Title: Adolescent Depression Screening in Pediatric Primary Care: An Examination of Case Disposition and Racial and Ethnic Disparities
Investigators: Nancy Weinfield, PhD (KP); Andrea Young, PhD (JHM)


Title: Identifying Predictors for Scleroderma Health Care Utilization and Costs in Specialty Care Referral and Integrated Care Models
Investigators: Michael Miller, RPh, DrPH, FAPhA (KP); Julie Paik MD, MHS (JHM)

Title: Gastric Cancer Surgical Outcomes
Investigators: Monica Ter-Minassian, ScD (KP); Fabian Johnston, MD (JHM)

Title: Electronic Health Record-Based Detection of Frailty Risk to Improve Care Management Among Older Adults
Investigators: Douglas Roblin, PhD (KP); Hsien-Yen Chang, PhD (JHM)

Title: Vision Impairment, Social Factors, and Race/Ethnicity (VISOR Study) – The Impact of Disparities on Patients with Cataracts
Investigators: Suma Vupputuri, PhD, MPH, FAHA (KP); Fasika A. Woreta, MD, MPH (JHM)

For a complete listing of all projects funded since 2016, please refer to the Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States/Johns Hopkins Medicine Research Collaboration Program Overview.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often is the KPMAS/JHM Research Collaboration Program open to applications?
The KPMAS/JHM Research Collaboration Program is generally open to applications once per year, beginning in late Fall.

Is the program available to interested scientists only within KPMAS?
No. Any interested KP researcher within any region of KP may apply as long as they have an identified collaborator at JHM.

How is the $75,000 award shared between the two institutions?
The award is split evenly between the two institutions.

When does funding begin?
Funding will generally begin May 1st of the award year.

Does the application allow for indirect costs?
No. The program does not allow for indirect costs.

Will basic science research be supported?
No. The KPMAS/JHM Research Collaboration Program does not support basic science research.

Do I need to use data from the KPMAS region?
No. Projects should use data specific to their region.

Is data transfer between institutions allowed?
It is possible to negotiate a Data Use Agreement. However, due to the complexity of establishing and approving a Data Use Agreement (DUA) for a 12-month project, this is not recommended. Typically, researchers from both institutions will analyze data sets from their respective institutions separately. If applicants want to pursue data sharing as part of their projects, they must include this piece in their applications and account for the time period necessary to establish a DUE within the 12-month project period of support.

If my project does involve data sharing, can I extend my project timeline beyond the 12-month period?
No. All projects must be within a 12-month scope.

How do I find a collaborator at either KP or JHM?
We can help you find a collaborator! Email for a KPMAS/JHM Collaborator Interest Form. Upon completion, it will be circulated throughout all KP regions. Introductions will be facilitated by the program between interested parties.

For more information about this program, please email

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