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Logging into the WordPress admin panel

  1. Type in the site url: and append the url with /wp-admin
  2. Type in your username and password


WP Engine
WordPress Codex
KP Brand Photo Library

Visual Composer Tutorial
Events Manager

Uploading images and documents

There are two ways of uploading images and documents to your site.

  1. Media > Add New
  2. Within the page edit view
    Upload/Insert > choose file location >choose image > click Use this image

When adding images please use the following dimensions (pixels):

  • Homepage image: 1200 x 448
  • Bio images of Staff: 300 x 450

Document and image naming convention

When adding images and document to the Media Library use a naming convention to name files. This will help you greatly in being able to find and manage them. Be sure to delete all unused files otherwise your Media Library will become huge and unmanageable.

Linking to documents

Get the file URL

After uploading files to the Media Library you can get the URL two ways.

  1. While still in the upload window, scroll down to File URL and copy this link
  2. After you upload a file go to Media >Library
    • mouse over the file name you will see options to:
      Edit | Delete Permanently | View
    • Click Edit
    • On the Edit Media page select and copy the File URL

Apply link

  1. Go to the page you want to add the link to
  2. In the Edit mode, select the Visual tab
  3. Select the text you wish to link to
  4. In the toolbar click on the link icon
  5. Paste the link into the URL field
  6. If this link is going to an external website check the Open link in a new window/tab box
  7. Click the Add link button
  8. Append each link to a document with [pdf] Be sure to style [pdf] in medium grey
    All linked documents should always be pdfs

Adding a new page

  • Page > Add New
    • Paste your content into the editor and do any necessary formatting such as adding headlines, sub-headlines paragraph breaks links and images.
    • Images are optional but setting a Featured Images will create the square thumbnail on the homepage and give the post visual interest.
    • Click the Publish button in the right sidebar
    • After any other edits click the Update button

Adjust site navigation (see instructions below) as appropriate.

Menus (Navigation)

The site navigation can be added/edited under Appearance > Menus

  • Select the menu you wish to edit under the top drop down menu
  • You can add pages, move pages, rearrange the page structure or rename pages here.

Widgets (Footer and Sidebar)

The footer and sidebars can be edited under Appearance > Widgets

  • You can add widgets to the widget areas by dragging them into the desired footer or sidebar location
  • You can configure the widget options by clicking on the down arrow in the widget header
  • You can remove a widget by dragging it into the inactive widget area or by clicking delete from within the widget