Celeena Jefferson, MIT

Research Data Analyst III


Area of Research:



Celeena Jefferson is a senior research data analyst for the Mid-Atlantic Permanente Research Institute (MAPRI) of the Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group (MAPMG). She previously worked as a Research Data Analyst for MAPRI from May 2016 through November 2018. Her primary responsibilities included serving as a data content expert for MAPRI’s tumor registry and registry staff. Celeena also collaborated with members of the clinical, technical, analytical, and operational staff to fulfill cancer data requests, improve data quality, and resolve data issues.

Celeena returns to MAPRI after working as a senior data analyst for Geisinger Health System, where she was instrumental in assisting with the development of complex phenotype algorithms and the improvement in data quality of homegrown data models. She continues to work on a variety of research projects, including the tumor registry and maintenance of the Research Data Warehouse (RDW) and the Virtual Data Warehouse (VDW).

Celeena graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BS in General Science (concentration in Biology) and completed a Masters of Information Technology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.